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Live, love, and work from your most powerful self, while maintaining your feminine essence and freedom.

Women come to me wanting to learn how to date,

or to save their marriage.

Women come to me wanting to learn how to date or to save their marriage. What I teach them is that first, they must heal themselves to reclaim and discover their true power and inspiration again. Then they remember that they’re worthy of great love. Only then, will they have whatever they want.

YOU must first fall in love with yourself. Then you become your own best friend while expanding your reach and impact in the world. Before you know it, the right man will show up to love and support you and your dreams.

This breaks the vicious cycle of love addiction and dysfunctional relationships.

What it looks like…

Guidance, Support, Community, and Practice are the guiding principles and framework within which I work with brave and bold women like you.

You’ll receive first-class teachings and guidance to help you get what you want.

You’ll become part of an amazing community of women who know how to love, support, and accept each other, as is, so that you learn to love and let love in.

You'll take my guidance and practice it in real life, along with our support, so you will achieve lasting results.

You no longer need to live in isolation, shame, and guilt. You CAN have it all; experience healthy love, free of pain and codependency.

Live happily ever after... for real this time, I guarantee it.

Guidance, Support, Community, and Practice is the way to lasting love.

Leslie E.

"Life is so good now! I’m using everything you taught me and I am so blissfully happy. I have gotten so much more out of the program with Mai, than what I had originally imagined. These are tools for a great life!!! Thank you Mai."

How do you know if I can help you?

It’s very easy and safe:


Read my book and see if the 3Ps concept and my guidance resonate with you.


Schedule your FREE discovery session with me to dive deeper.


Come to my live event, HotLifeHotLove™. Experience transformation first-hand.

When a client commits fully at the VIP level, I guarantee that she will get the results that she wants and so much more!

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