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Are you a divorced mom struggling in your career, sheltering your kids from divorce aftermath, and wondering if you’re too old to date again?

Have you put yourself last to raise your kids, now face an empty nest, and are now scared to, once again, be open and vulnerable to love?


Are you wanting out of a dead-end marriage, but the cost is so high you’ve settled for numbness and routines?

Perhaps you’ve considered, or even had an affair but know that’s not the answer…

You’re searching for a graceful solution but nothing you’ve tried is working.  Each day you experience desperate frustration that makes you want to kill your kids, your husband and yourself.

Being a divorced mom, too, I understand your pain, fear and struggle first hand.  Despite my best efforts doing everything possible to save my marriage for 18 years, it fell apart.

There I was, with a 4-year-old daughter re-entering the dating world. I felt incompetent, fat, ugly, too old and rusty, and definitely didn’t think I could ever replace my husband.

Your situation is very real and delicate to sort through.

My clients are women just like you: hard-working, giving their all to everyone in their life and longing to feel worthy of love and support.

But life has been unfair. You feel trapped. The harder you work, the more there is to get done. Perhaps your ex cheated on you, or left you with mounting debt so you’re fighting for your kids’ survival.

You’re tired, bitter, untrusting, and hurt.

If you’re single and dating, you’re convinced there are no good men, or if there are, they prefer other women.

If you’re married, you feel neglected, unmet, and overburdened with carrying the emotional load of the family.

You wonder when you’ll finally receive the love, support, and success you’ve worked so hard for.


My step-by-step process and signature
3PsTM concept
will help you find balance in life, love, and business.

How you show up in one area of your life is how you show up in all areas of your life.

The 3PsTM are your Peasant, Princess, and Priestess, the core parts/qualities that live within each of us.

Often women date, marry, have children, and build a business or try to excel in their career from the vantage point of a tired, overworked, and neglected Peasant. They can’t see the power, magic, freedom, choices, and wisdom that are available to them through connecting with their Princess and Priestess.

Once they have healed, activated, and integrated the 3PsTM, the foundation for emotional well-being has been laid out upon which career, love, and success can be built.

Integrating your 3PsTM transforms the exhausted, lonely, and unhappy peasant into a grounded, strong, beautiful, soft, and accessible yet powerful, delicious, and wise woman.

You’ll attract great love, and cultivate a hot, passionate and lasting relationship in 6 months or less.

This is no joke or false promise.   My clients have seen tremendous results when they implement the process I teach. This is my unconditional promise.

Peasant or Princess?

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Love, success, and money are available to all women when we stop pushing love away and settling for less.

The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating
How to be Loved, Adored and Cherished


“Just finished reading your book. FANTASTIC! You have no idea what your words meant to me, Mai! You are giving me renewed hope for a fulfilling future. You are giving me my ME back. I feel so happy!!!” ~ Lori Lucia

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