Mai Vu-Master Love Coach Since 1997

Mai Vu-Master Love Coach Since 1997

I show hardworking divorced Moms how to have that great romance, where you are Loved, Adored and Cherished by your man…


…while raising healthy, well balanced children, and rocking your career! 

My new book is out!

The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating

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Divorced Mom's Guide to Dating
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How to have a HOT LIFE with HOT LOVE!

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These are the four most common things that my clients want help with.

Hot Life Hot Love Testimonials

  • I'd like to thank you Mai, for your brilliant Hot Life Hot Love program. You are doing peace work for this planet. When we women learn to love ourself we teach our children to love themselves. They will grow up to be loving men and women. I'm honored to be a part of this communion. And I have a lot of fun living out my hot hot hot! life ;) Thank you!

    Anna Åberg
    Anna Åberg Digital Nomad
  • Mai has what I call a “heart of pure service”. I had the pleasure of watching her as a leader and teacher of our OneTaste Coaching Program, as she effortlessly transmitted her passion and innate drive to be of service into students. With unbounded joy and precision, she modeled the skills and technical components of coaching and made it look playful, fun, loving and gave permission for each one of them to naturally find their own “heart of service” as it lived inside each and every one of them. She’s a treasure and I’m so grateful to her as a friend and colleague!

    Nicole Daedone
    Nicole Daedone Founder, OneTaste
  • My audience loves Mai Vu's compelling presentations! She creates genuine connection with the audience and between audience members. Her presentation are interactive and the energy in the room is always rich and vibrant. People learn new insights from her and her expertise is vast. Each person comes away with new tools which can be applied immediately to their unique circumstances. What I love about Mai Vu is how she embodies what she teaches on stage! I get such wonderful feedback from the audience. I will truly be honored to have Mai Vu speak again!

    Jessica Hadari
    Jessica Hadari Founder, FEM Talks - Alliance of Women Leaders, Healers & Educators
  • Mai, I will always be grateful to you for helping me release parts of myself that were no longer serving me. Thank you for your care, kindness, support, and unconditional love!

    Cindy Roemer
    Cindy Roemer Client
  • How grateful and lucky I feel to go through all the hard and hurtful things in my life with you, Mai, and the "Hot Life Hot Love" community of women supporting me. I never would have had the courage to face all that without you. Thank you! All my love!

    Kristina Myrin
    Kristina Myrin Client
  • Mai, your Hot Life Hot Love program and Three P's concept helped me heal my emotional pain so that I can now think straight, take the right responsibility, and redirect my life. Thank you so much!

    Kelly Wolf
    Kelly Wolf Healer, Coach, Client

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