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NewU™: Awaken and Heal Your Life's Patterns and Pains

This course teaches you to recognize the deep embedded patterns that most of the time are invisible to you, because you have lived with it for so long. They are all recorded in your feet. The shape of your toes, the condition of your skin, the callousses, the bunions, the cracked toe nails, etc... everything are indications of your life's patterns, your thought patterns, and even your karmic spiritual experience.

The Integrated Woman

A guide book for women to lead, love and live. No more sacrificing, putting yourself last, or leaning in, in order to earn your place at the table or in a man’s heart. Women from all over the world are resonating with the concepts in this book.

The Bold Brave Woman Shirt

This year’s limited edition t-shirt has my special logo on the back to look like our big angel wings. The logo itself represents the bold and brave journey that my clients go on to reclaim all of her bad ass self, heal the woundings from the past, and spread her wings mightily as she thrives again.

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