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The Divorced Mom's Guide to Dating:

How to be Loved, Adored and Cherished

Changing women’s lives since 2016

Do you wonder why you work so hard yet are not getting the love, success, and support that you want?

Are you too scared to start dating again or tired of dating the wrong guys?

Do you want to once and for all change your pattern in relationships?

My book, The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating, answers these big questions and more that so many tired, overwhelmed single moms struggle with. This book is your blueprint for happiness in love, business, and life.

You’ll get a clear understanding of my 3P’s™ concept that will help you begin your journey back to yourself and your birthright of being happy. From there, you can truly create your HotLifeHotLove™.

You’ll learn how to be loved, adored, and cherished in everything you do. All aspects of your life will improve.

Reviews for The Divorced Mom's Guide to Dating: How to be Loved, Adored and Cherished

Leslie Ann Eisenberg

"I found myself needing to make a change in my life, but I wasn't quite ready to make that leap. I was attracted to this book because I was familiar with Mai's work, and the book seemed like a safe place to start considering. If you are divorced and hurting, don't hesitate, get Mai Vu's book. It's more than a guide, it was my saving grace in a time of crisis. I read the entire book one sleepless night after yet another exhausting fight with my now ex that left me in tears and hurting. Mai writes from a very honest place, and it was a comfort to find myself in so many of these pages, making the same mistakes so many women have made, and I no longer felt alone.

I will always be grateful for the hope it provided me, along with some great tools I would utilize for the rest of my life."

Tam Ngo

"I've never thought that one day I would get myself a self-help book. But here I am - leaving my very first Amazon review for the book that changed my life.

I got furloughed a few months ago while being stuck at home quarantine. I had been through a dark time for over two months until I decided to make a change. That was when I was introduced to this book by Mai Vu. At first, I thought it was not for me as the title recommends a "guide to dating." My relationship with my fiance is great, but my relationship with myself and with others had been rough. So I gave it a try, and by the time I finished Chapter One, I knew this book was there for me.

Mai writes from her heart and kind soul. I found myself empathizing with a lot of things/events she wrote and even saw my own stories through hers. Mai definitely uses the power of storytelling to help her readers unpack pains and fears and show them how they can make peace with themselves and become a stronger person. The 3Ps concept is amazing as I finally learn how to talk to myself - my peasant, princess, and priestess. This book gives me hopes and courage to do what I want to do and make the tough yet right decision for myself.

The book really uncovers the key to a healthy relationship with yourself. 'Don't date to find a relationship. Date so that you can find yourself.'

The Integrated Woman

Digital – January, 2022

This book will change everything about the way you lead, love, and live. It's not just another leadership or self-help book. It’s fresh and innovative 3Ps™ concept has been tested by women from California to Sweden, Azerbaijan to Vietnam, who have been where you are now. Learn how to take charge of your life without sacrifice; Draw in success and support while letting go of your insecurity and the need to prove your worth; have the love that you want without losing yourself trying to make everyone involved happy.

Stop repeating your old patterns. Read this guidebook instead and let the easy-to-follow concept help you understand how you got here, and what to do going forward.

You get to have the life, love, and success that you want.

Reviews for The Integrated Woman

Leo HT

"LOVE your concept. It’s so relatable and is helping me understand who I have been. I am telling everyone about this. Have you considered translating your book into Vietnamese? We need it."

Jenny N.

"Đọc những dòng tâm sự trong sách của chị Mai khiến mình không ngừng rớt nước mắt. Vừa đọc, vừa thương chị mà vừa thương cho chính mình. Những chuyện mà chị đã trải qua, mình cũng thấy chính mình trong câu chuyện chị kể. 10 đặc điểm của the Peasant, mình có tới 9 cái. Mình không nhớ lần cuối cùng mình khóc như mưa tuôn như thế này là khi nào. Cảm ơn chị Mai đã giúp em hiểu hơn về thế giới và về chính mình. Chưa ai từng nói với em những điều mà chị đề cập đến trong quyển sách này. Hành trình chữa lành có lẽ bắt đầu từ nhận thức sâu sắc và rõ ràng hơn những nỗi đau và vòng lặp suy nghĩ, hành động mà trong vô thức mình cứ lặp đi lặp lại, tự mình làm mình khổ. Mình và mẹ đã hòa hợp và nói chuyện với nhau nhẹ nhàng hơn dù cho cả hai có bất đồng quan điểm. Biết ơn chị Mai Vũ rất nhiều."

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Client Success Stories

Venus and Andy S.

"I have a lot to thank you for, Mai. Were it not for your coaching that empowered my wife to step into her power and wisdom, and nail my balls to the wall, I may have remained stagnant in my pathetic self. Our marriage and happiness would continue to suffer for it. I really cannot thank you enough. - Andy S."

Denise B.

Before Mai’s HotLifeHotLoveTM program, I was longing to find true love, thinking it was the missing piece that would fill the void in my heart. I was dating man after man hoping one would fall in love with me. It was exhausting; time consuming, and self-esteem destroying. Since joining HLHL, I no longer feel that void in my heart for I have fallen in love … with myself! The program taught me how to love myself in a way that no other program has ever remotely come close to. I have a love for myself that has filled me with true joy. I feel incredibly safe and secure in this world and with deep inner peace. I’m still dating but now it’s fun! I’m dating for me and only me. I no longer yearn for that true love for I have found it in myself. Thank you Mai and your beautiful community for giving me my life back. I cannot express the gratitude I have to now be able to live my life to follow my dreams!

Pam P.

From April (stressed, frustrated, and lifeless) to August (secure, confident, succulent) in 4 months. I was so exhausted and sad. I didn't know how to be happy and successful without killing myself or find the right person to have a fulfilling relationship with. I didn't want to be like my mother dying alone, drunk, with a broken heart.

In less than a year, I have caught my breath, manifested a great guy whom I now can travel the world with. Look at us go: beaches, hikes, vacations, roadtrips.

I am so elated. I know I wouldn't be where I am without this program. I know because I have tried them all. I am in love with myself and each member of HLHL!

Shurvone W.

When I started this journey with Mai, and the fantastic HotLifeHotLoveTM Team, I was desperate and in a dark place, ready to leave my marriage and kids. I didn’t know what to do with a marriage that became sexless, and filled with hurt and pain. Thanks to Mai’s program, I began looking at myself and have been able to accept myself and my husband and children for who they are and where they’re at. The healing of my raging peasant has helped me see my world in a different light. A heavy burden lifted off that had been present in our relationship for a long time of our relationship. We SAVED our marriage! I’ve let my husband back into my heart, we have found reconnection to our love, and are dating again, after 23 years of marriage!

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About Mai

Mai Vu shows hardworking divorced moms how to have that great romance, where they are loved, adored, and cherished by their men while raising healthy, well-balanced children and rocking their careers! Mai calls this Hot Life Hot Love. She is the author of The Divorced Mom’s Guide to Dating: How to be Loved, Adored and Cherished, now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and the Google Store. The first certified Asian Female CoActive coach in the world, Mai Vu, came into the budding coaching world twenty years ago. She has helped over a thousand women live a Hot Life with Hot Love and has an international following of clients who call her aMAIzing.

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